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Chef Al Private Chef
 NASCAR Catering at Daytona 500 - 2007

the ultimate private chef catering service for sports events nationwide
Specializing in multi-day events such as NASCAR®, Champ Car, GOLF & TENNIS tournaments
We take care of the VIP guests
We will do everything to ensure that your event is a most memorable occasion
Let us play host to you!
We can supply you with modern and well thought-out catering concepts,
fulfilling the demands of every occasion and taste.
Tailgate Chef Al
The Ultimate Tailgate Chef

Visit Chef Albrich "Al" at his new B&B in the North Carolina Mountains

Know the difference between a “Caterer” and a “Private Chef Caterer”

Looking to cater a sporting or other corporate event? NASCAR®, tennis, golf, all of these events require catering to existing clients and potential clients. And there is no better way to do that than with top quality food freshly prepared by experienced chefs. Chef Albrich – Private Chef Catering brings the kitchen to your event.

Whether your next event has 40 or hundreds of guests, Chef Albrich is the best catering solution. Everything will be prepared and cooked on-site at your event. That is the most significant difference between a Private Chef Caterer such as Chef Albrich and just a regular caterer. Although both are useful according to the situation and budget, if you are looking to impress your clients and treat them to the very best, there is nothing like serving fresh made food. Chef Albrich's delectable dishes and sauces will be sure to please even the most discriminating palates.

Chef Albrich combines the freshest seasonal ingredients he finds at the market to create incredible combinations that truly satisfy your taste buds. He is experienced in many traditional cuisines, but it's his fusion of multi-national cuisines that creates the best combinations.

After consulting with your planners, menu suggestions relevant to your group and your budget will be created. After picking the menu you can totally forget about the food and free up your time to take care of other important details.

Specializing in sporting events such as motor sports races, bike rallies, golf tournaments and the like, Chef Albrich brings the pleasures of an excellent restaurant to your hospitality tents. These services are ideal for team sponsors, corporate events, clubs, etc. So remember, when you want to offer the very best, contact Chef Albrich - Private Chef Catering at 305.817.2955.


Scoreboard Gourmet
is where sports and food meet

Tailgating with The Ultimate Tailgater
is about the centerpiece of your tailgate party – the food


Daytona 500 - 2006 at the FEATHERLITE VIP Rally
Singer, Songwriter, and
Founder of
Toni Lynn Starr & Chef Al




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Chef Albrich "Al"
 P. O. Box 545935, Miami, Florida 33154 Phone: 305.817.2955  E-mail: marketing@chefal.com

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